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Leaf Removal using a Wheel Blower

We provide thorough leaf clean-up and removal services. Our state of the art Trac Vac and mobile vacuum system allows us to pick up even the tiniest leaf and to haul away enormous quantities of leaves. Both Curbside vacuum service and full leaf removal service is available.

Curbside Pick up

Helpful Hints for Curbside Pick-up
  1. Clean leaves from turf and bed areas several times during the fall. Leaves can be gathered much easier and faster before they settle in bushes, and are stuck to the ground by rain and cold weather. We recommend three times: once around the end of October, once around Thanksgiving, and again around Christmas.
  2. When you are gathering leaves for curbside vacuuming, please remember:
    • Whenever possible call to schedule at least one day prior to putting leaves at the curb. It is much faster and cheaper to vacuum a leaf pile the same day it is put on the curb before it begins to settle.
    • Never put leaves in a ditch or on a curb with running or standing water. This greatly increases vacuum time and price.
    • Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris. These items will not pass through the machine and will have to be removed prior to vacuuming leaves, which will add to the total cost.
    • Make curbside piles short in length. Make your pile high rather than long whenever possible. This will require less moving of the truck thus saving us time and you money.
    • Please remember to pile leaves where our truck can have easy access. Our truck is equipped with a side mount vacuum and is designed to pull along side a leaf pile, not back up to the pile. Please remember our vacuum hose is only 6 feet long.
    • Please do not put leaves under low branches or power lines. Our trucks need a minimum 12' 6" for clearance.
These helpful hints will save us time and help save you money!
We look forward to seeing you soon!


Leaf Pick up

On average most yards are about $45 to $65 for each pick-up, depending on your amount of leaves. This cost includes any disposal fees.  Remembering the hints above will help keep your cost down. For Curbside Leaf Pick-up only, please page 540-201-LEAF (540-201-5323) Monday through Saturday.


Full Service Leaf Clean up is billed hourly.  We will be happy to give you an estimate when you are ready.  We do not estimate until leaves are down on the ground and you are actually ready to have the work performed.  It is about impossible to estimate clean up time with the leaves still in the trees.  All our rates inlcude the use of commercial leaf removal equipment.  This inlcudes backpack and hand held equipment.  If your property permits, we also have wheel blowers, a trac vac, and a leaf plow that are billed at an additional cost, but the increased efficiency will reduce your total bill.
Just remember these guys can really move some leaves, its not like doing it yourself!  So give us a call and schedule today.

For Full Leaf Removal Service:  Please call early to schedule or get a free estimate for leaf clean-up.  Remember the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas fill up fast so call early to schedule. 

If you prefer to rake your own leaves, leaf collection links are listed below for Roanoke County, Roanoke City, and City of Salem. Each website should list collection dates and any other information regarding leaf collection for your area.

Roanoke City Leaf Collection

Roanoke County Bulk and Brush Collection

Salem Leaf Collection

Ever wonder what we do with all those leaves? We Recycle! We use the compost as organic material to amend the soil for our plant installation jobs. The plants love it. If you need some compost for your plantings, garden, or flower beds, give us a call. 


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